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So what is our final cleaning touch really all about?

Our customers love having us in a house last step, as the cleaning professionals.

I remember talking with a a co working painting company and we couldn’t agree on what made more sense to be the last person in the house. The cleaning crew or the painter. He said that he liked to be the last one in a home because people, even cleaners will scrape there vacuums up against walls or pull a good yank on an electrical cord and in turn rip off some paint in the door way.

So I get it we are all human. But at Final Touch Cleaning we care so much about our clients homes and our fellow workers paint jobs that we protect corners when possible, and make sure to never let a vacuum or carpet machine touch a wall or corner.

One tip we would like to share is when carrying tools or machines in a home the safest way to avoid hitting walls is to use door stops. I know sounds weird but simply propping a door open differently helps. Also carrying items such as cleaning buckets or vacuum cleaners in front of your body while maneuvering through a house. This makes sure it doesn’t accidentally rub against or scratch a freshly paint wall.

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